Advisor: Research and Development

Bill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance training coach. He has worked at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in various capacities since 1989 along with running his own training and consulting business, Bill Fabrocini LLC.

During the course of his 30 year career he has designed exercise programs for several prestigious companies both on the private and public sector. He has also worked with athletes from a broad range including Olympic medalists, professional sports, collegiate sports, ballet dancers and companies, youth sport organizations, and the everyday recreational athlete. Most recently he served as the rehabilitation and strength conditioning advisor for the Guadalajara Chivas in the Mexican professional soccer league.

In addition to his work with athletes, Mr. Fabrocini specializes in chronic injuries such as back and hip pathology that are the result of repetitive movement dysfunctions. He has focused much of his work on the integrative concepts of posture, stability, and mobility and how they influence human movement. He has published numerous articles and lectured extensively with regards to these concepts and their correlation to loads and stresses on biological tissues as well how they influence the durability of the human body.

Mr. Fabrocini is also the co-founder of Aspen Core Fitness(ACF), the company that produced the TRX Rip Trainer and the accompanying exercise programs.He served as a TRX consultant for several years, educating fitness professionals throughout North America. Mr. Fabrocini continues to teach and lecture on the national and international stage. He is a frequent presenter at medical and fitness conferences and symposiums. In 2015 he created the Aspen Sports Summit with the mission of bringing together leaders in the fields of sports medicine, fitness and health to educate professionals while raising funds for various philanthropically organizations making a difference in the world.

Mr.Fabrocini has also authored numerous articles that have been published in prominent journals including the National Strength and Conditioning Journal and the American Council on Exercise Certified News publication. His training methods and rehabilitation concepts have been featured in several fitness magazines including Men’s Health, Skiing, Private Clubs, Outside Magazine, among several others.

Mr. Fabrocini most recently co-authored and created the exercise program in the highly anticipated, The Younger Next Year Exercise Program, the sequel to the NY Times best seller, Younger Next Year. He also produced the accompanying DVD series that supplemented the book, Preparation for Movement and The Sacred 25 and Beyond.

In his free time he enjoys his time with his family and friends and biking with his dogs. He is actively involved with several charities related to both human and animal welfare.