Mitchell-BroganChairman, Board of Directors

Mitch brings valuable experience and knowledge to the foundation as a quadriplegic having sustained a cervical spinal cord injury in 2006. Soon after his injury he began walking again in a therapeutic setting using robotic-assisted gait devices, including HocomaTM products such as the LokomatTM, and the ErigoTM. In 2011, Mitch founded Able Bionics, Inc. the first North American private, transitional live-in neuro-rehabilitation facility that specializes in robotics therapy for persons with walking disorders. He facilitated opening the first Able Bionics USA facility in Aspen, Colorado and aspires to expand his outreach across North America. Mitch was the first quadriplegic in North America to own and walk in a REX PTM Bionics personal exoskeleton suit, and he also owns and walks in an EksoTM from Ekso Bionics.

From 2007 to the present, Mitch has been a presenter for The Climate Project (TCP), facilitating and disseminating TCP information and updates to fellow citizens. In 2014 he graduated from the International Space University summer Space Scientist Program in Montreal. Mitch’s primary interest in serving on the board is to help further the advancement of exoskeleton research and development so that the technology becomes more affordable and accessible globally. He resides in Ontario, Canada.