Rusty-CrosslandFounding Board Member

Rusty is one of the original founders of Primerica. He serves as CEO at Crossland Executive Network International, which is a company of agents that helps the average person take advantage of a new opportunity as well as helping them build wealth in an average market. In 1998 Rusty founded the R. H. Crossland Foundation to perpetuate the memory of his father, Ralph Crossland Sr. The Foundation strives to help the less fortunate, and to foster a legacy of helping others.

Rusty is proof that hard work, passion, and determination pay off. Today his family gives more money to charity than he ever made as a high school basketball coach. His hard-working, people-oriented background, combined with his belief in what people can do when they put their hearts into it, is what has made Rusty a success story in his own right. He gives his time, heart and efforts into building and developing people into leaders who build leaders. Rusty spends most of his time in Scottsdale, Arizona and with family in Durango, Colorado.