Able Bionics is a sister program to Able Bionics USA and is located in Ontario, Canada.

Founded in December 2011 by Mitchell Brogan, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Bridging Bionics Foundation, Able Bionics promotes ambulation using gait rehabilitation equipment and provides a link for clients seeking to purchase bionic exoskeletons for in-home use.

With the invention of bionic exoskeletons, Able Bionics proudly owns four of the exoskeletons available on the market in North America:

  • Ekso 1 with Variable Assist from Ekso Bionics
  • Rehabilitation ReWalk from ReWalk Robotics
  • REX from REX Robotics
  • Keeogo – a powered assistive walking device

Used in combination with the bionic exoskeletons, Able Bionics also offers its clients the Hocoma Erigo, a safe solution for early mobilization using a cyclic motion with a gradual tilt table incline. Able Bionics offers other therapeutic modalities including an FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) bike and laser therapy.


Mitch Brogan in Rex Bionics suit.Amanda in Ekso Bionics suit



6410 Bradish Road
London, Ontario
N6N 1N6


+1-519-852-ABLE (2253)