Bridging Bionics Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation. Our mission is to provide funding, education, and advance the research and development for exoskeletons and bionic technology to augment human mobility and capability. We envision that exoskeletons and bionic technology become standard mobility options globally as we strive to improve the quality of people’s lives.



Exoskeleton technology has the power to turn a life around: that is, to turn “You will never walk again” into “We’ll show you how.”

Exoskeletons are a game changer. In a market void of the affirmation “you will walk again” exoskeletons can provide a new answer. With nearly 6 million people in the US living with paralysis the likelihood of knowing someone who is living with paralysis is a reality for each of us.

We are in a new era where science is augmenting human potential like never before. The applications for exoskeletons in this realm are vast. We have the opportunity to advance human mobility beyond wheelchairs and unpowered orthotics, and make a meaningful impact to the quality of life for those individuals.
Our foundation is committed to being the spark behind a movement to help those who are paralyzed walk again. We are asking you to join us in this movement; turning no into yes, one step at a time.


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