A world where movement is a fundamental human right.

Our mission

To provide access to affordable and ongoing physical therapy and advanced technology for all individuals with neurological mobility challenges.


Our program impact is best measured through the words of our clients:

“Today was absolutely incredible! I’ve been waiting 7.5 long months for this. These were my first actual steps towards steps, and with the help of the exoskeleton, I took 82 of them today. Felt amazing to finally start some Bridging Bionics therapies. This is just the beginning of the next chapter.”

~ Dan Soller, 32, T5 Spinal Cord Injury

“I have had multiple referrals for physical therapy over the years, but they never felt like enough to really improve my MS or the ability to cope with it. However, Bridging Bionics, with the use of the latest technology, ongoing exposure to treatment, and also the relationship with the physical therapists, has not only improved my physical status (endurance, etc.) but it has also improved my attitude toward my disability and how I can cope with it. Recently I have been given the opportunity for two sessions a week rather than the one I was getting and the difference in me is striking. Not only is my physical health improving noticeably but my attitude has improved considerably, going from “I can’t” to “I can”, which is no small thing. Whenever I leave a session, I am not only exhausted from the workout, but I feel better!”

~ Gloria Jourdan, 69, Multiple Sclerosis

“Many doctors and therapists told my husband he would NEVER be strong enough to use the exoskeleton. I am so thankful to Bridging Bionics for helping my husband heal. Always remember, do not let people tell you what you can and cannot do. You choose your destiny.”

~ Caitlin Spellings, wife of Mason Spellings, 34, C6 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

“Bridging Bionics offered me physical therapy on a regular basis. Health insurance wasn’t going to cover it and I couldn’t afford it. Bridging Bionics allowed me to continue my recovery. I sleep better. I have much better control over bowel and bladder, which is a huge thing to anybody with a spinal cord injury –it affects my everyday life more than anything. Obviously, this program would not exist without the donors and supporters, so I can’t thank you guys enough.”

~ Josh Dybzinski, 39, C5 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

“Bridging Bionics has helped me gain confidence in the way I walk and decreased my tone due to my CP. It has also increased my gait speed and decreased my anxiety about having CP and losing both my parents.”

~ Win Charles, 32, Cerebral Palsy

“Medicaid was only going to cover 8 weeks of my physical therapy for the whole year. With Bridging Bionics, I have done 122 therapy sessions. I wake up and I’m motivated to get stronger. That’s helped me emotionally. I’m so grateful. I still have a lot of hope and a lot of faith. Every time I stand and look in the mirror, I see myself so beautiful. Without Bridging Bionics, I wouldn’t be where I am today as a mother, as confident and as independent.”

~ Kayla Sarmiento, 20, T10 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Why Create A Foundation?

Exoskeletons are a game changer. In a market void of the affirmation “you will walk again” exoskeletons can provide a new answer. With nearly 6 million people in the US living with paralysis the likelihood of knowing someone who is living with paralysis is a reality for each of us.

Exoskeleton technology has the power to turn a life around: that is, to turn “You will never walk again” into “We’ll show you how.”

We are in a new era where science is augmenting human potential like never before. The applications for exoskeletons in this realm are vast. We have the opportunity to advance human mobility beyond wheelchairs and unpowered orthotics, and make a meaningful impact to the quality of life for those individuals.
Our foundation is committed to being the spark behind a movement to help those who are paralyzed walk again. We are asking you to join us in this movement; turning no into yes, one step at a time.

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