Give the Gift of Mobility.

Bridging Bionics Foundation is charitable neuro-rehabilitation program that was created to help individuals who have neurological mobility impairments regain mobility and walk again.

Imagine if you lost the essential capability to move. Imagine if you were told you’d never walk or run again, or exercise, or be able to enjoy life without chronic health complications…

At Bridging Bionics Foundation, we believe it is a fundamental human need for mobility impaired individuals to have affordable access to ongoing physical therapy using advanced technologies to gain freedom of movement and maintain health physically and emotionally. A chronic neurological condition like spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, MS, or functional motor complications from a traumatic brain injury, stroke or Parkinson’s Disease affects a person for life. This is why our program is designed to be affordable and accessible, indefinitely. No-one is turned away due to financial limitations and hardship, and that is made possible through community support from generous donors like you.

Join us in this movement and Walk With Us.