Nov 15, 2017

As featured on KDVR Fox 31 News/Channel 2

Fourteen months ago, Nate White rolled into his first physical therapy appointment with Bridging Bionics in a wheelchair. He was ten weeks post spinal cord injury having fractured his second lumbar vertebra in a kayaking accident. He was paralyzed with very limited movement below his pelvis. On that first day of therapy he walked in our bionic exoskeleton suit and was noticeably exhausted. His journey to recovery was just beginning. Today, Nate walks on his own hands free, step-by-patient-step.

On November 2, 2017 Nate took 22 steps on his own, without holding on to anything, and without hyperextending his knee. He wasn’t wearing a supportive brace – it was all him. This is astounding progress. We have witnessed Nate’s recovery and phenomenal weekly improvement from his very first session in our program.

Nate’s combined therapies including Bridging Bionics, using the Galileo vibrational training system daily at home, swimming in the Glenwood Hot Springs pool, Ripple Effect, acupuncture, massage, and even riding a tricycle around town, have all contributed to his neuro-recovery.

He pushes his physical and psychological boundaries with an unstoppable attitude. And he continues to get results!

We are so proud of you Nate. You are a part of our Bridging Bionics family, you are our inspiration, you are kind, you’re hungry to improve, and you exemplify the ultimate athlete. Your spirit knows no limitations.

Thank you to KDVR Fox 31 News/Channel 2, Denver CO for creating such an uplifting story on Nate.